Marriage in Thailand 


   MARRIAGE IN THAILAND Information for Russian Citizens 

  Chiang Mai attorney explain as follow; If you are considering getting married or registering your marriage in Thailand, you have to know that a legal marriage in Thailand consists of both parties registering their marriage in person with the local Thai Amphur (Local District Office).  The Russian Federation does recognize the validity of such a marriage. 


To register a marriage in Thailand, you must make the following required steps: 

Chiang Mai attorney explain as follow; Complete in an affidavit at Embassy's Consular Department. The document includes all the information required by the relevant Thai law.  After completing the document, it must be notarized by the Russian Consul.  Herewith you must submit your Russian passport and pay in cash a notary’s services fee of $20 (exchanged for Thai Baht). If you have previously been married, you must also complete an additional affidavit, stating your present non-marital status. The completed affidavit(s) should be translated into Thai. 

The completed affidavit(s) and its Thai-language translation should be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand (Legalization Division, Department of Consular Affairs, 3/fl., 123 Chaengwattana Road, Laksi District, Bangkok. Tel: (02) 5-1057-8;Fax: (02) 575-1054). 

After that you may legally register your marriage at any local Amphur office submitting legalized affidavit(s) and supporting documents: 

-Your Russian passport; 

-If the other party is a Thai citizen, his/her Identification Card & Residence Certificate; 

-If either party has previously been married, officials may want to see proof that the marriage has been terminated. Divorce certificates or death certificates (with Thai translations) should suffice. 

Please note that if neither party speaks Thai, it may be necessary to ask an interpreter to accompany you to the Amphur office. 


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