Marriage in Thailand  


  Lamphun lawyer explain as follow; Under Thai law, for a marriage to be legally recognized, the parties must be registered at Registrar Office (Amphur or Khet).  Each district in Thailand has its own registrar office.  The local registrar office will require both parties to complete the following steps before a marriage can be registered. 

If either party is a foreigner, the Amphur requires authenticated copies of a passport, a completed Statutory Declaration Form translated into Thai, and the documents mentioned in point 2 if applicable.  Statutory Declaration Forms are available at the Consular Section of the New Zealand Embassy 

1.You must complete a Statutory Declaration, which can be obtained from the New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok at the address below 

New Zealand Embassy 

14th Floor M Thai Tower, All Season Place87 

Wireless Road, Bangkok 10330 

Tel: + 66 2 254 2530 / Fax: + 66 2 253 9045 


Office hours: Monday – Friday 07.30 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 16.00 hrs 

Appointment should be made for your convenience to complete the Statutory Declaration Form and have your signatures witnessed by the Consul. You must present your passport as proof of your identity.  There will be a fee applied for this service. 


2. Lamphun lawyer explain as follow; Have the Statutory Declaration Form translated into Thai at a translation agency, some are located on Witthayu Rd. (Wireless Rd).  If one of the parties has been married before, he/she must have the original divorce certificate or death certificate of their spouse translated into Thai. 


3.Once the Statutory Declaration has been translated, the documents will have to be authenticated, this must be done at the address given below 

Legalization Division, 3rd Floor 

Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

123 Chaeng Watthana Road, Bangkok 10120 

Tel: 0 – 2575 1056 - 9 

Fax: 0 – 2575 – 1054 


Service hours: Monday – Friday 08.30 – 14.30 hrs. 

Lamphun lawyer explain as follow; The legalization Division will require an original copy of Statutory Declaration and its translation as well as a copy of your passport.  There will be a fee on application.  The process will take around two days to complete. 


4.Once you have completed the above requirement, you should go to an Amphur to registrar the marriage. Take with you the above documents, including your passport and the interpreter to facilitate the communication with Amphur officials (this is generally required if neither party can speak Thai). It is important to make an appointment before proceeding to the Amphur. 


To arrange marriage ceremony, please contact the hotel at which you plan to stay and request their assistance. 

Please note that if you wish to sponsor your spouse for migration to New Zealand, you should contact the Immigration Section at the New Zealand Embassy. 

The only forms the Thai Authorities will accept from New Zealand citizens intending to marry in Thailand are those completed and endorsed by the New Zealand Embassy. 

Some hotels do provide assistance with legal documents.  However, to eliminate problems with Thai authorities, it is advisable that marrying couples obtain their own legal documents. 

The steps outlined above are to be done in Bangkok. 


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