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As many lawyers in chiang mai & chiang rai law office see in Chiang mai and chiang rai today, underage smoking and drinking, driving motorcycles without a license and/or a helmet, and many other acts that are illegal but yet can be seen nationwide. Laws need enforcement and enforcement needs officials, including, but not limited to, police, Land Transport Office, administrative officers, etc. If these officials are lacking in their responsibility of enforcing the law then it does not matter how many laws have been enacted, the result would be the same: a lack of substantial enforcement of the law. We need the most effective enforcement as possible no matter if it involves criminal, civil matters.

Law enforcement  is the system of society that attempts to organize the society by enacting the law, then enforcing it through organizations such as police. Therefore, law enforcement could be simply understood as applying the law to the real world with real people. There are certain issues with the system, the lack of effectiveness of enforcement officials that appear to be a critical issue in chiangmai, chiangrai and pai today.

The effectiveness of law enforcement occurs when the people know and follow the law.  At the same time law enforcement officials must make certain that laws are applied equally and fairly, both in protection and punishment, to all people. In order to effectuate these results, both more laws and better enforcement are needed. In order to enact the necessary future laws that can address today’s social problems, first review the existing laws. Enforce the laws to it maximum effect and correct what is lacking in the laws, and enact a better version of the law. Effectiveness of law enforcement can be measured in various ways. Public opinion polls are used to measure the effectiveness of law enforcement frequently, although they are not the most accurate measure. However the polls are fast and direct from the people. Thailand and Law Enforcement Thailand’s main organization that enforces of the law is police. The Assumption Business Administration College poll, Police exploring Thailand's image in the public eye: a case study of people in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, chiang rai, Chon Buri, Nakhon Ratchasima and Songkhla" survey conducted between March 1 - October 9, 2559 . The poll stated that people who have direct experiences with police share the same major problems, as set forth below: 

22.1% were demanded bribes by police officers

10.9% were intimidated by police officers 

7.8% were damaged from the performance of the police

From above information, almost 40% of the people that have had direct experience with police have encountered problems. Police have the duty of enforcing the law, as set forth in the National Police Service Act 20043 and Criminal Code, section 157. There are penalties for misconduct or abuse of power of officials with the penalty of imprisonment of one to ten years or fined of two thousand to twenty thousand Baht, or both.  However, the misconduct of officials is the police responsibility, as stated in the National Police Service Act and the Criminal Code, if it relates to a criminal matter. The result is that people feel insecure to complain and report the misconduct of police officers. Chiang lawyer thank you very much for CMU. Law school too.

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