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Chiang mai lawyer present all of you that International environmental law can be defined as the totality of legal rules applied on the international level in relation to the environment. It regulates primarily the relations between the states. Its main function is to facilitate international interaction and cooperation in protection and the use of the natural resources. International environmental law makes the way in which the states interact with each other, predictable.  Its ultimate goal is to provide peace and stability in the world. The system of international environmental law is very complex. It includes the fundamental legal principles which govern the interstate relations such as the prohibition of the use of force, human rights, etc. It has also general legal rules which the states agreed upon by means of international agreements. Finally, there are many procedural rules and mechanisms partly coming from international agreements and partly arising as a custom.


The modern development of the international environmental law is characterized by the process of globalization. The interstate relations become closer and more complex. Many environmental problems cannot be solved by a single state. International environmental law is increasingly embracing the areas of law which in the past were regulated by domestic laws.  


International environmental law is a part of public international law. The importance of the environmental protection for the survival of the humankind is apparent. Therefore, environmental problems and the way how to address them have become one of the most important challenges of the contemporary time. Even though international environmental law is a new branch of law, we witness its dramatic growth and development.


There are several areas of international environmental law which are of a particular interest. The most problematic from a legal point of view is international liability for environmental damage, more specifically in the cases of pollution. A related field of law covers transboundary movement of hazardous wastes. The most problematic field from a political point of view is the problem of how the international community should address the climate change. Other areas of international law deal with the persistent organic pollutants, the pollution of watercourses, protecting biodiversity, the increased concerns about the safety of the fast development of biotechnology, protecting endangered species of flora and fauna, as well as biological and cultural world heritage. All these areas of law draw a significant amount of international attention. Thanks Source CMU.

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